Passive Skill Checks

I will be using a passive skill checks (much like DnD 4e) from now on. I feel this better exemplifies the characters you have taken the time to create and it saves time on constantly having everyone roll.

For Example: Player A has a +2 to Perception while* Player B* has a +3 to Perception with a Seeing focus. If both players walked into a bar*Player B* would automatically notice the barkeep is in the middle of serving a free round of Ale. Player B then has the opportunity to act accordingly.

Keep in mind you can still ask to roll a skill check at any time. (All normal rules will apply to the rolled skill check. ) However I will only let those players roll, who have an in game reason to use the skill. Meaning no more “Everyone Roll”. I feel this this keeps people investigative and interactive within story.

For Example: Player A is suspicious as to why Player B shuffled over to the bar so quickly when they entered. Player A rolls 3d6+2 Perception, finding that Player B is drinking free beer and didn’t tell him.

Passive Skill Checks

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