Roll for Initiative

Roll 3d6+ Dexterity. Any ties will be settled by your Dragon die. (Keep in mind if you are not trained in the armor you’re wearing you will take the armors penalty to all your Dexterous rolls.

On Your Turn

You can take a Major Action and Minor Action or Two Minor Actions


For Melee/Ranged (3d6 + Strength or Dexterity (weapon specific) V.S. Opponents Defense
Please keep in mind if you are not trained in your attacing weapon you will take a -2 to your attack roll.
For Spells (3d6 + Magic + Focus = Attack Roll) V.S. Spells Target Number

Spell Test

This is spell specific and if a test is needed it will be listed under your spells. Your test must succeed before damage is dealt. This is also the time when targets can sense certain spells.
Targets Ability v.s.Spell Power Your mages spell power is 10+Magic+Focus

Roll Damage

For Melee and Ranged Damage please refer to the Weapons chart as this is weapon specific. Once you know the Weapons damage add your associated Strength/Dexterity or Perception modifier to the damage total. If you are not trained in this weapon you will only do half the calculated damage.
For Spell Damage please refer to the Spells chart as this is spell specific.

After the total damage is calculated the opponent will minus their armor rating from the total damage dealt to them.

Death Blows

Dying If Character reaches 0 they fall unconscious and have 2+Con in rounds to receive healing before they die.

Pulling killing blow Anyone can pull a killing blow leaving character unconscious and at health 1. Character regains consciousness in 2d6 min.

Coup de Grace A character must be dying or unconscious to pull a Coup de Grace. Your Attack roll V.S. * 10 Defense* will automatically kill the target.


If any of three dice get doubles you receive stunt points equal to your dragon die. Stunt points must be used during your turn or they will be lost.
Melee Stunts are different than Spell stunts.

Mounted Combat



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