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  • Character XP Totals

    |_. NAME |_. Race |_. Class |_. XP | | Ayla | Human | Warrior |625 | | Benoit | Elf | Warrior | 800 | | Dane | Human | Warrior |800 | | Freya | Human | Mage | 600 | | Garick | Human | Warrior | 525 | | Valaren | Elf |Rogue |725 | | Zander | Human | …

  • Game Rules


    | [[Making a Character]] |[[Spells]] | [[Armor]] | [[Weapons]] | [[Gear]] | [[Combat]] |[[Stunts]] |

    *NOTES TO REMEMBER* *[[How to Level up]]* * …

  • Making a Character


    *Create a Character Concept*

    Create a general idea on who you want your character to be and pick a race. h6. | *DWARF* | *ELF* | *HUMAN* | …

  • Is my Magic Visible

    *Who can detect my magic?* Detecting magic is seeing if something has residual energy from the fade on it. This would be apparent on items that are magical however not on people because everyone has residual fade energy on them. As everyone enters the …

  • Armor

    *ARMOR PENALTYS* Apply to your speed calculation as well as any Dexterity ability checks. Unless you have a Talent that says otherwise. *SHIELD BONUS* You can not earn a shield bonus greater then +1 unless you have a talent that says so.

  • Weapons

    *WEAPONS TRAINING* If you are not trained in a weapon you suffer a -2 to your attack roll and only do half the amount of damage. *LONG RANGE ATTACKS* receive a -2 penalty to the attacking rolls due to the range.

  • Passive Skill Checks

    I will be using a passive skill checks (much like DnD 4e) from now on. I feel this better exemplifies the characters you have taken the time to create and it saves time on constantly having everyone roll. For Example: *Player A* has a +2 to …

  • Combat


    *Roll for Initiative*

    Roll *3d6+ Dexterity*. Any ties will be settled by your Dragon die. (Keep in mind if you are not trained in the armor you're wearing you will take the armors penalty to all your Dexterous …

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