Ser Jacklyn



Background: Ferelden Freeman, Templar
Age: 37
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7
Weight: 150
Appearance: Olive tanned skin, black hair, brown eyes.

Jacklyn is usually seen wearing her wearing her Templar armor as she always seems to be “on the job”. She keeps hair pulled back tightly as her personality and her mere presence speaks volumes of her serious nature. Devout to the Maker she has never taken a husband and prefers to be amerced in her work.


Ser Jacklyn is considered to be the poster child for the Templar Order of Ferelden. She was recruited directly from the Chantry in Denerium at a young age; both for her extremely devout nature and swift sword hand. However her unwavering values have not made her popular among all the Templars. The Chantry however highly regards her opinion and Knight Commander Greagoir trusts her enough to testing young Fereldan recruits before they can enter into the Templar’s Formal Academy.

Currently Jacklyn has been asked to investigating strange happenings along the Ferelden country side and she takes her new duties with great pride and honor. After all investigative field experience is needed to become a Seeker of the Order.

Ser Jacklyn

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