Knight Commander Greagoir


Knight-Commander Greagoir is the Templar-Commander assigned to Ferelden’s tower, Kinloch Hold. He commands the templars of the tower and determines, together with First Enchanter Irving, which apprentices undergo the Harrowing to become full mages, and which become Tranquil.


Greagoir has been Knight-Commander of the templar forces, at Circle Tower, for many years. In fact, most people aside from the First Enchanter can’t remember a time when he wasn’t part of the Circle. He is described by his colleagues as strong in his beliefs and devoted to duty. While he does not favor mages, he will not kill them without cause and has a grudging relationship of mutual respect with First Enchanter Irving and most of the Senior Enchanters, namely Wynne.

Furthermore, Greagoir’s family is probably very old, since the heirloom of his family dates back to the Alamarri.

Knight Commander Greagoir

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